Classic Aluminum Stovetop Espresso Mocha Coffee Makers

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  • High quality durable cast aluminum body in the classic octagonal shape

  • Makes rich, velvety cups of espresso in less than 5 minutes

  • Great for traditional electric or gas stovetop method of making Espresso, Mocha, or Latte

  • Heat resistant plastic handle for firm & reliable grip. Easy to operate and clean.

  • Hand wash only. Use on low-medium heat. Great for restaurants, serving, parties, and home/kitchen use.

This Stovetop Espresso Maker features a modern, stylish design with a high-quality aluminum body. The handle is made from a heat resistant plastic that not only provides you with a firm and reliable grip, but also allows your hand to stay cool during use. Its efficient layout forces pressurized water through coffee grounds, and deposits a rich, full bodied espresso blend into the serving chamber.

Directions to Use:

Water : Fill the lower chamber with cold water just below the valve.

Coffee : Insert the funnel and fill it with ground espresso (do not tamp). Remove any coffee grounds on the edge of the funnel. Tightly screw the upper part of the pot on to the base. Avoid using handle for leverage.

Heat : Select burner size to fit bottom of pot. For gas stovetop, make sure the flame is not larger than bottom of pot. The flame should not come around the sides of the pot. Heat until the water boils and coffee begins to come out of the center post. There will be a gurgling sound during this process.

Enjoy : When the top of the pot is full of coffee, remove from stove. Before pouring coffee, stir it in the upper chamber with a small spoon to equalize all the different coffee layers for optimum flavor.

Recommendations : Grind coffee for mocha use, slightly more coarse than espresso. Heat may be too high if pot produces coffee with a burnt like taste. Try lowering the heat on your next batch. It may take some trial and error. For best tasting results always use filtered water.