Fitness Box of the Month

January 01, 2022 3 min read

Fitness Box of the Month

New year fills us with a new energy and a desire to create the best of the possibilities. Being healthy and fit is somewhat on the list of everyone who desires to outplay the dreaded vicious cycle of failed new year resolutions. To bring you some motivation and ease the process of getting fit, we have curated a special box of ingredients that is sure to pump-up your fitness goals while you also enjoy a delicious time.

Let’s have a look at what’s in store for you with our Fitness Box of the Month:

Indian Whole White Garbanzo Beans

Our Indian Whole White Garbanzo Beans are a great source of protein and can be a great breakfast ingredient. With a bowl full of garbanzo beans, we are here to push you to energize your body for a good day filled with a refreshing feeling of delicious food in your belly.

Organic Black Pepper Ground

Black pepper, as we all know, is an inexplicable item when cooking anything. Merely a tablespoon of it could add greatly to the taste along with producing the heat sensation in your body. Our Organic Black Pepper Ground is easy to use and can be put into anything to add a pinch of spice to the food.

Indian Chat Masala Seasoning Spice

Indians are very keen when it comes to their spices, and we all are very much aware of the fact that India is known to be the land of spices. Our Indian Chat Masala Seasoning Spice is sure to bring you all the flavors your food was missing out on. Any boring food can be fixed with a good amount of this seasoning and it is sure to leave you wanting for more.

Organic Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass powder is used to make smooth doughs. A careful process of selecting the best grains to create a fine powder is what makes our Natural Wheatgrass Powder an even better choice. The delicious taste that comes along with the healthy benefits is totally a win-win deal.

Nonfat Dry Milk Powder

A great product for those who are health conscious, our Nonfat Dry Milk Powder is a useful substitute for the actual milk, as the powder gets some added taste while also being nonfat. Smooth, isn’t it?

ChaiMati - Vanilla Chai Latte - Powdered Instant Tea Premix

Latte’s have been a very convenient beverage for a long time. Those who love latte, are sure to get fixated on our Vanilla Chai Latte. The premix is really easy to use and can be used to make an instant hot or cold cup of deliciousness.

Handmade Kettle-Cooked Smooth Creamy Fudge Slices

As the name suggests, our Handmade Kettle-Cooked Smooth Creamy Fudge Slices are smooth, creamy, and, of course, handmade. Just take the fudge slices out of the packet, and viola: you are ready to have a bite of the delicious smoothness. The tasty bite is sure to make you ask for more, and being healthy makes it a great choice of indulgence.

Our January’s Fitness Box of the Month is accustomed to make you feel healthy and savor the scrumptious food, all at the same time. This mix of ingredients is capable of keeping you on the healthy track along with tickling your taste buds. So, get your Box now to get on the fitness journey and stay true to your new year resolution of being healthy.

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