For a better earth

April 20, 2022 2 min read

For a better earth

Our mother earth has given us some much, and on the contrary to all of it, we have just been on the receiving end for a long time. Since we have a dedicated day for showing our gratitude, it's time to do the right thing, just for this one time at least. Sounds like a very grim beginning, but that is what it is all about when it comes to our mother earth. The harsh nature of humankind has strung upon the beauty of it all and made the earth suffer so much.

So, this Earth day, we have something to offer you, which would make you feel less guilty about being on the other side of the receiving end most of the time. We have encapsulated some of our products which could be a perfect match to the natural part of our earth.

Let’s have a look at the products and try to understand what are we talking about here:

Indian Healing Bentonite Clay Natural Face Mask Powder

Our natural face mask powder will ease you into having a great time while you try to relax and have a chill time for yourself. With all the healing possibilities, one can be sure that they feel better once they are done with the whole relaxing session. The natural touch is what makes the whole experience a one to not miss.

Herbal Henna Hair Color Powder

Again, a product to bring you closer to the mother earth and realise how important it is to create new opportunities to relish the goodness of it all. The herbal henna hair color powder is here to bring you a new shade of color, which is sure to make you feel a bit more closer to mother earth, all because of the product's natural feel.

Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

This product of ours is from the foothills of himalayas and is induced with a lot of nature’s goodness and can be a great product for you to have in your bathroom. Had a tough day at work, just take a bath with our himalayan pink salt soap and feel the blissful goodness over your skin. The best part about the pink salt soap is the closeness you feel to the mother earth once you are done using it. 

All these products are just a way of interacting with mother earth and embracing the goodness of its natural bliss, with the help of our products. This Earth day, let’s go green!

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