Box of the Month

Fitness Box of the Month!

With a never-ending call for celebrations coming to a pause, there is an unsettling urge to be on the healthier side of preparations.

Presenting Fitness Box of the Month: Loaded with healthy ingredients curated carefully to make 3 delicious recipes, you can be at ease after all the feasting through the month filled with partying and enjoy a much needed good bite of health. 

  1.  Indian Whole White Garbanzo Beans
  2.  Organic Black Pepper Ground
  3.  Indian Chat Masala Seasoning Spice
  4.  Organic Wheatgrass Powder
  5.  Nonfat Dry Milk Powder
  6.  ChaiMati - Vanilla Chai Latte - Powdered Instant Tea Premix
  7.  Handmade Kettle Cooked Smooth Creamy Fudge Slices