Happy Labor Day Box of the month

As the sun rises on Labor Day, the air is filled with a sense of appreciation for the backbone of society - the hardworking individuals whose dedication & toil shape the world. It serves as a reminder that behind every achievement, there are stories of determination & resilience, and behind every innovation, there are individuals who have poured their energy into making it a reality. Let’s make the day memorable by bringing loved ones together & cook delicious dishes. Here’s the perfect pack of ingredients that is sure to fill your table with a variety of delicacies.

  • Pride of India Whole White Chia Seeds (24 oz)
  • Pride of India Triple Omega Superseed Mix (44 oz)
  • Pride of India White Sesame Seeds (20 oz)
  • Pride of India Natural Three-Color Quinoa (24 oz)
  • Pride of India Coconut Flour (8 oz)
  • Pride of India Coconut Sugar (8 oz)