Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - Fine Grind

  • HIMALAYAN PINK SALT - FINE GRIND Available in 3 different sizes granules - Up to 84 MINERALS - 100% NATURAL & PURE - Product of INDIA & PAKISTAN - Packed in US


  • LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - Fine Grind Available in 5.0 Ounce Small Dual Sifter Jar, 8 Ounce Medium Dual Sifter Jar, and 24 Ounce Large Dual Sifter Jar - From 100 - 1000 Servings per container.


  • USE IN COOKING: Add about a quarter teaspoon or a pinch of salt per serving size portion of food. The minerals in the salt help in creating an electrolyte balance, regulating hydration, balancing PH levels, improving metabolism.


  • USE IN BATHING: Mix about 2-3 cups of salt in a tub full of hot water or mix 1 teaspoon of salt in your body wash/bath serum. The minerals in the salt help in soothing soreness, relaxing muscles, and healing skin cells.


  • GLUTEN-Free, GMO-Free, NON-Irradiated, VEGAN, CHOLESTEROL-Free


Pride of India – Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Fine Grind incorporates naturally-grown food and herbal products from India into our daily life. These all-natural ingredients help enhance the overall health of the human body. Pride of India is family owned and operated. Our Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is the purest form of salt available on planet Earth because it does not undergo any artificial treatment or refining processes. It is carved out from decades-old, naturally occurring salt reserves at the bed of the giant Himalayan mountains in the Indian subcontinent. The reddish-pink appearance of our pink salt proves its purity. This coarse salt contains up to 84 essential minerals that are quintessential for the human body in daily nutrition. The grainy texture, distinct flavor, and easy solubility of our pink salt make it great for kitchen use as well as in the bath. Pink Himalayan salt contains sodium and other electrolytes that can help balance electrolytes, regulate hydration, balance PH levels, and improve metabolism. Commercial table salt contains between 97.5% and 99.9% sodium chloride, while Himalayan sea salt only contains about 87%. Additionally, many table salts go through a bleaching process and may even contain harmful ingredients. Our Himalayan salt, however, is natural and doesn’t go through a refining process. Pink salt can be used in salt lamps, as a salt substitute, in bath scrubs, or as a bath salt. It’s also a superior substitute for table salt. Use a pinch in your favorite recipe.

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