July 16, 2021 1 min read


The traditional Indian beauty regimes are a versatile source of health and goodness when it comes to skin and hair.  

One such ingredient is Shikakai, a known ingredient for hair health. There are numerous benefits of Shikakai, some of which are: 

Soft and Smooth Hair 

Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and with light lather formula, it helps in cleaning the scalp leaving you with soft and shiny hair. 

Prevents Dry Scalp 

Being a cooling agent, Shikakai helps in soothing your scalp. A dry scalp affects the hair growth. Shikakai helps in reducing the itchiness and inflammation of the scalp. 

Say No to Dandruff 

Shikakai solves one of the oldest concerns of developing dandruff. Using Shikakai helps in cleaning your tresses and helps in healthy hair growth. 

Natural Detangler 

Shikakai is a natural and gentle detangler for your hair. It reduces hair breakage and hair loss. It works greatly for people with curly hair and helps in getting your tresses detangled easily. 

Prevents Split Ends 

The chemical treatments we happen to go through frequently like straightening and curling, really damage the ends of the hair leaving too many split ends. Shikakai neutralises the damage-causing free radicals thus aiding a moisturized scalp. 

Our Pride of India’s Natural Indian Shikakai Powder is here for you when it comes to providing you with the goodness of Shikakai in a comfortable and easy-to-use form. 

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