August 05, 2021 2 min read


With Indian Independence Day just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the authenticity of the flavours that rule the delicious Indian cuisine. With our August’s Box of Authentic Flavours, we, at Pride of India, bring you some flavourful ingredients to help you cook a delicious and authentic meal on the special day!

The Box of Authentic Flavours Contains- 

Indian White Basmati Rice

White Basmati Rice is one of the easiest choices when it comes to making something special with minimum effort. You want to make a spicy dish or even a dessert, Basmati Rice brings its magic everywhere. This Independence Day, make the authentic Indian desserts right at your home with this box. 

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

Considered to be one of the purest salts in the world, the Himalayan Pink Salt helps greatly in detoxification of the body, and regulating blood sugar and hormone levels. There’s a reason that no meal is prepared without the pinch of this amazing spice.  

Whole Green Mung Beans

Rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients, Whole Green Mung Beans are an important part of the Indian food plans. With the blend of the right spices, it can easily be made into some interesting and delicious meals! 

Chaimati- Masala Chai Latte

There is no better way to wake up than by having a nice chai latte right beside the bed! The traditional Chai holds a very important place in our everyday routines so get your box and be a part of it now! 

Indian Biryani Masala Seasoning 

Talking about Indian cuisine without any mention of Biryani? Not going to happen! Our Biryani masala is just what you need to bring the best out of your regular biryanis! Get yours now and enjoy the happiness of great taste and good health.

Tikka Curry Mung Bean Papadum Lentil Crisps

These crunchy and healthy munchies can easily be one's all time favourite snack. It is a digestive and a good appetizer for your Independence Day dinner that helps increase the metabolism. Enjoy the crispiness of our Tikka Curry Mung Bean Papadum and try your own Papadum recipes with a twist!

This Independence Day, indulge yourself in the traditional Indian delights that are sure to make your day even more special with Pride of India’s Box of Authentic Flavours!  

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