Five essential for a fiber-rich lifestyle

February 01, 2022 3 min read

This month, as we all know, is the month of love, and that is the very reason why we have brought in the idea of having a self-love box. We have designed this box in a certain way that all you need for that perfect diet plan can be easily implemented, with keeping in mind the necessities. All you have to do is mix and match the products in the Box and your search for some great, healthy dietary options are well matched.

The products in this month's fiber-rich Box of the Month are:

Cold milled raw chia ground:

Chia seeds are a great source of fiber intake, along with some really good amount of nutrition in it. There are numerous ways to have the chia seeds: you can always make some good pudding which is always a great way of consuming them. The whole idea behind the chia seeds is the burst of energy you get from a little amount of it.

Indian split masur red lentils

Marur red lentils are again a great source of protein and fiber. Just have a bowl of cooked lentils and you are golden. We have added this to the product list just to help you with your daily dosage of nutrition, and all the necessary nutrition can be found in abundance in these lentils.

Indian whole white garbanzo beans

Garbanzo beans, aka chickpeas, are well-known to provide a natural intake of essential nutrition. The most interesting thing about the garbanzo beans is that you do not require to add anything else to consume it - just boil it and they are ready to be consumed.  Not to mention that these are the best fix for your fiber-rich diet needs, especially when you are a vegan.

Indian split black gram matpe beans

As we have mentioned above, this time we have exclusively put together some of our products to provide you with a good amount of nutrition, particularly focusing on fiber and protein. The same goes for this product as well! You can easily bask in the nutrients from a bowl full of black gram matpe beans: Just boil them, add some salt and spices to bring in the flavors, and indulge.

Indian split yellow mung lentils

Lentils are easy and don't require much effort to be made; the same goes for the consumption as well. These mung lentils are great for your stomach and the fiber taken from them can be really good for the digestive system. Without much fuss, these can surely be added to your daily dosage of food intake.

Himalayan pink salt shot glass

This is a special add-on to our fiber-rich box of the month. It has been added as a part of the month of love and can be a great idea of party shot glasses. These shot glasses add a salty taste to the drink and make up for a real surprise for your guests.

To sum it all up, this box is the perfect solution you were always looking for. Since it is the month of love, this could also be the perfect present to gift to your loved ones.

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