July 05, 2021 1 min read


Self-care, something that gets overlooked at times but is one of the most important experiences to have in our life. We are bringing you this box of goodness that will help you take care of your skin and hair in the easiest ways possible! 

So just relax and indulge in our self care love products:

Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt

From having that rejuvenating and refreshing experience to making skin healthier and softer, there's nothing that our bathing salt doesn't do. The best part is about its versatility in benefits. 

Give this gift of love and care to your loved ones and yourself this month to experience love in the most refreshing way.

Natural Indian Shikakai Powder 

Shikakai is considered to be the OG ingredient when it comes to healthy hair. It makes the hair strong and thick while providing shine to them. Be ready for silky hair after you indulge yourself in our Shikakai hair product. 

Organic Signature Variety Tea Bags 

Probably the best way to wake up is with Breakfast tea in bed but if you are confused about which one to pick, this Variety Tea Bags Pack has all your favourite kinds of teas to bring a good morning vibe right to your homes!  

Chia and Maca Bentonite Clay 

While chia seeds are great to avoid wrinkles and uplifting the skin, maca seeds support firm and radiant skin. So with the enhanced qualities of both these super ingredients, shine your best with our facial clay! 

Get your Pride of India’s Box of Self-Care Love and treat yourself to some pampering and self care! 

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