May 07, 2021 2 min read


There is no one who loves you more than your mom. It really is the most beautiful relationship and we are here for it!

We bring you this Mother’s Day Special Box, the Gift of Good Health, for you to celebrate the special woman in your life. 

The Gift of Good Health Contains- 

Indian Split Masur Red Lentils 

The Red Masur Lentils is a powerhouse of nutrients packed with immeasurable benefits.

These lentils are especially added in this box of good health to complete your need for proteins. Loaded with dietary fibers, it shields you from diseases and keep your heart healthy. 

Organic Ginger Minced Whole 

Ginger is said to be one of the best immune boosters ever and now is the best time to put it good use. Be it in your tea or your meals, ginger can be used in almost everything. It has a great aroma and is a perfect addition to your favourite food. 

Organic White Royal Quinoa 

The Quinoa can easily be considered as one of the healthiest food ever. It is gluten-free, very high in fiber and protein, making it an amazing ingredient for controlling blood sugar levels and enhancing metabolic health. 

Be it a salad or a fancy recipe, It can easily make a delicious side to make your special day even more special! 

Eggylicious Whole Egg Powder 

Want to bake a delicious cake? Well we bring you our Eggylicious Whole Egg Powder to help you make some amazing variety of cakes, pancakes and so much more. 

Celebrate the good health with some irresistible desserts. 

Organic Indian Green Tea Bags

A cup of green tea is all you need to relieve the stress. It doesn't only help to keep a person calm but does wonders for immunity because of loads of antioxidants present in it, which is extremely essential especially right now. It takes care of your heart, mind and body with its ability to improve blood pressure, weight management and a healthy brain function.

Just have this daily dose of good health regularly and do your part of staying safe.

Your May box of the month is a start of something mindful. Be the better version of you and gift good health to your loved ones too! 

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