ChaiMati - Cutting Chai Tempered Glass Tea Cup, 6.4 Fl.Oz. (190 ML)

  • CHAIMATI means "CHAI ON YOUR MIND" - enjoy the chai experience anytime during the day in our perfect CUTTING chai cups. "Cutting" Chai in India is made by adding Hot Water or boiling 1-2 teaspoons of our loose leaf CTC black tea with some some milk and sugar. Try making Cutting Chai with our ChaiMati CTC Tea or simply use our ChaiMati Instant Chai Latte Premixes to get the best chai cuppa one can get!
  • "TEA-4-ONE" Cutting Chai Glass is Perfect for restaurant use, small families, living/dining room decoration, tea parties and simple kitchen use. Its BPA free, Heat Resistant, Insulated Glass Carafe keeps Tea hot and does not crack easily upon adding hot water.
  • SUPERB VALUE & BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING - Each Chai Glass is handmade and securely packed in a Kraft Box that is perfect for Gifting, Recycling, Storing and Shipping
  • EASY TO CLEAN, STORE, AND CARRY. DO NOT Heat on Stovetop. DO NOT Microwave. HANDWASH Recommended
  • 6.4 FL.OZ. (190 ML) Capacity per Cup - Sold Individually and in Packs of 6 - Ideal for making & presenting 1-6 cups of Chai

CHAIMATI brings the classic Indian Chai right to your kitchen and into your heart. It will definitely put "Chai on your Mind" all day. A cup of chai is unique and very different than the typical tea with milk. It awakens your senses and makes you feel alive. We are undoubtedly crazy about chai and want you to be enriched by the same experience too. ChaiMati's Cutting Chai Tempered Tea Glass Cup helps you experience your favorite chai in minutes due to its simple and ergonomic design. This heat resistant tea cup keeps your tea hot. It has an attractive "hold & sip" design and comes packed in a kraft gift box. We recommend you to use this with our range of ChaiMati CTC Teas or Chai Lattes for the best experience. We back this product with a limited time warranty. Enjoy your tea w/ this elegant tea cup.


Chai Brewing Directions:

Add 2 cups water into a stovetop pot and bring to a rolling boil. Add 2 teaspoons of tea leaves or 2 tea bags. Once the tea comes to a boil, add half a cup of milk and sweetener as per desire. Let the chai leaves steep for 4-5 minutes to get optimal flavor and strength. Strain the leaves and pour the chai into the cutting chai cups to enjoy the tea experience.

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“Chai on Your Mind”or ChaiMati resonates in the hearts of all tea lovers from around the world. If you have sipped our exclusive range of ChaiMati tea, now you can make the experience more worthwhile with the Cutting Chai Glass. The tradition of having tea is deeper rooted than any other beverage. Apart from the feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation, the moment you sip on a hot cup of tea, you feel satisfied and get a newly changed perspective to face the challenges of life.

Enjoy tea with its good ol’ classic companion – the ChaiMati cutting chai glasses. Whether you are living alone or it’s a family kitchen, these cutting chai glasses are an absolute must-have when you want to enjoy tea with its old-school charm. Everyone likes their tea in their own way, however “cutting chai” is universal and so are the tea glasses that will let you enjoy every bit of your tea breaks, irrespective of the time of the day.

We understand that you are crazy about chai and we are too, so we want to extend this crazy manifesto into something worthwhile, ChaiMati glasses are our way of speaking to you through Tea. The ChaiMati tempered teaware is heat resistant and ergonomically designed so you could hold and sip at your leisure while chatting on your favorite topic with your friends.

To enjoy the tea time at its best, try our finest range of ChaiMati CTC black tea and premixes for that extra zing! For tea lovers, it’s never too late to try out our new flavors.

“Cutting chai”, a trend popular in India is now getting to enjoy its time in the limelight of the world’s podium. “Cutting Chai”, which is only exclusive to India also means half-order-of-tea that is mostly shared amongst friends. They are also sometimes called as “one by two” order.
Comes as a single item or a pack of 6, ChaiMati glasses are easy to clean and store. Made with tempered glass, they are not designed for microwave.
Make ChaiMati glasses a part of your home to add to an old classic charm to your tea time or your restaurant as espresso latte cups and serve customers with only the best. It is heat-resistant and BPA-free. So, they are ideal, safe for every day, and will not crack open every time you will pour tea in it.
Make ChaiMati glasses a part of your home to add to an old classic charm to your tea time or your restaurant as espresso latte cups and serve customers with only the best. It is heat-resistant and BPA-free. So, they are ideal, safe for every day, and will not crack open every time you will pour tea in it.
Cutting Chai Glasses and their Popularity
You already know they are your tea time pal, but do you know, they can do a lot more and better!

Cutting Chai glasses are charming in themselves that can add a whole new aesthetic to your home décor. Apart from just a centerpiece in your dining table, you can hand paint them for gifting purposes or use them on a variety of occasions simply to elevate the surrounding with elegance.

Chai Pops!
Want to make chai popsicles or kulfi, these cutting glasses from ChaiMati can double up as kulfi molds for those sudden summertime cravings any time.
Chai Glass Candles
Make your own candles at home:
• Melt wax and crayons together to bring in the right color of your choice
• Add few drops of essentials oils like lavender, rose, or sandal
• Add the wick before the wax solidifies and let it cool.
• Now enjoy some therapy sessions right at your home

Aromatherapy Candles
For Home Aromatherapy Sessions:
• Take two or three ChaiMati glasses and put bath salts in them.
• Enhance the bath salts with a few drops of essential oil of your choice.
• Light up tea lights and place them on top of each ChaiMati glass.
• Let the fragrance create the perfect ambiance for your spa session.