Gourmet Black Peppercorn Whole

  • GOURMET AND PURE: Ethically Sourced Hand Selected Spices, Grown in Southern-Part of India, Perfectly Hand picked. Single Origin. Enriched Mineral Content. 
  • EASY FAST & CONVENIENT: Just saut é this spice while making peppercorn sauce, stews or rub it on your favorite meats and sea food for a delicious Restaurant-like Home Cooked flavorful meal experience. 
  • MADE FOR HOME KITCHEN & RESTAURANT USE: Contains 2 oz (57gm) in Small Dual Sifting Food Grade Jars and 8 oz (227gm) in Large Dual Sifting Jars for easy pour and storage. Adds aromatic flavor when rubbed on beef or pork roasts. Elevate the taste of your dishes. 
  • 100% AUTHENTIC TASTE & SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Savor the dishes or salads by adding authentic aromatic flavor of the spice. Great Value as Little goes a long way. Best flavor is GUARANTEED or MONEY BACK.
  • GLUTEN Free, GMO Free, CHOLESTEROL Free, FAT Free, BPA Free, Non Bio engineered, VEGAN, Product of India

Pride Of India brings naturally grown food and herbal products from India that enhance the overall health of the human body through the centuries long tradition of consuming pure foods from farm to table. We are a family owned company and source all our ingredients from direct farms in order to preserve the quality as well as freshness of all our products. We value sustainable farming and aim to build a company that benefits the entire food chain from the grass root level upwards. We are committed to sourcing the freshest naturally grown spices from farms situated around the Indian subcontinent. Our naturally cultivated pure spices render a wonderful cooking experience and ignite taste buds while improving overall health as well as balance of the body. Pride of India Black Peppercorn Whole is indigenous to India and it is produced by Piper nigrum flowering vine. This natural spice is left to dry and ferment which resultantly gives it a strong flavor. Black Pepper is world's most traded and loved spice as it is found in every kitchen. Best used for rub on meats and other sea food before roasting or cooking. A perfect add-on for soups, sauces, stews etc. Black pepper acts as an anti-oxidant and carries health benefits such as improving digestion, immunity boost etc. Pride of India Gourmet Black Peppercorn Whole is a must have spice on dining table in homes and restaurants. Pride of India offers Salt and Pepper grinders also. Our customers are the most important link in fulfilling our aim and therefore, we strive to provide an unparalleled service in order to satisfy all our consumers to the best of our abilities. We hope that every customer has a great experience with us and enjoys our exclusive products to the utmost.

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Enjoy Flavor and Taste in Every Dish with Pride of India Whole Black Peppercorns

Pepper comes from the flowering vine of a climbing perennial plant known as Piper Nigrum. It is indigenous to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Some of the finest peppercorns in India come from the Malabar Coast of the state of Kerala. Pepper is well known for its Ayurvedic properties and comes with a variety of nutrients like zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, Vitamin A, and C. Much like salt, it is also a common spice in the kitchen from all around the world.

One of the favorite spices and popular amongst national and international chefs, whole peppercorns by Pride of India can be crushed or used as whole in a variety of dishes. Whether you are roasting meat or making soups porridge, sprinkle to get the bold flavor and smell of freshly ground peppercorns without compromising the authentic flavor of the dish. Known to support your bodily functions, peppercorns are used in a variety of dishes from all over the world ranging from simple stews to robust meals. Buy bulk dried peppercorns and easily store them in your pantry for easy access to flavor, aroma, and taste in whichever dish you like.

We at Pride of India believe that quality food can enhance the quality of life and this vision resonates in all of our products. Our black pepper whole is carefully selected for consistent taste and aroma. The processes include quality checks in an industry standardized environment so that you get the purest spices for your family.

Product Features:

Safely Processed Peppercorns:
Our black peppercorns whole is full-bodied and farm-fresh till it reaches you to the table thanks to our processing unit that ensures that the peppercorns are safe to consume. They are cleaned of micro-organisms and ensures that the flavor and aroma are kept intact. So, you can enjoy the bold flavors and aroma of our peppercorns in any dishes you like.
Ideal for Grinder Refill:
If you are looking to add it in your pantry or refill your peppercorn grinder, our whole black peppercorns are ideal. The pepper is freshly packed in USA and compatible with any kind of grinder. Now, you can sprinkle freshly grounded peppercorns in your favorite dishes and enjoy the flavor you want.
Grown in Small Batches:
Our single-origin black peppercorns for the grinder is a perfectly handpicked south Indian peppercorn variety known to be of the highest quality in the world. Produced in small batches, we ensure robust flavor, pure aroma, utmost safety, and hygiene while packing our spices so that you get the finest taste for all your dishes.
Safe And Free from Fillers:
We ensure that our spices are free from any harmful chemicals, GMOs or fillers. Only get pure and whole full-bodied peppercorns that are Gluten-Free, BPA-FREE, Vegan, and safe for everyday use.

Peppercorn Chicken Stock

A dash of crushed whole black peppercorns can delish up mundane chicken stock with some extra punch.


2 cups store-bought chicken broth; 1 tbsp whole crushed black peppercorn by Pride of India


· Pour broth in a small pan and add the crushed peppercorns. Bring it to boil.

· Once it starts to boil, lower the flame and simmer for 10 minutes.

· Remove from heat. Strain the broth to remove the peppercorns.

· Add it to gravies, sauces, dips and more for an extra flavor.

Black Peppercorn Spice Mix

A multi-purpose spice mix with the heat of pepper that you can use in just about everything, even pickles.


1 tbsp whole black peppercorns by Pride of India; 1 tbsp fresh oregano leaves; ¼ tsp pink salt; 1 tsp garlic minced by Pride of India


· Combine all the ingredients in a mini food processor or mini chopper.

· Pulse the ingredients till they are coarsely or finely ground, as per your preference

· Store in a glass jar and use it in a number of dishes like gravies, soups, stews, dips, steaks and grills

Turmeric Black Pepper Tonic

A warm, soothing and powerful blend, this tonic is just what you need for your daily dose anti-inflammatory boost packed with loads of health benefits.


½ tsp ground turmeric; ¼ tsp freshly crushed whole black pepper by Pride of India; 2 tbsp lemon juice; 2 cups water; 2 tsp honey


· In a small pot, add water, lemon juice, turmeric and black pepper. Whisk the ingredients together and heat over high flame.

· When the tonic starts to boil, turn down the heat down to low and simmer the concoction for 5 minutes.

· After 5 minutes turn off the heat and add honey. Allow the tonic to cool.

· Strain in a mug and enjoy.