Gourmet Chickpea Curry Masala

  • INDIAN CHICKPEA CURRY MASALA: Our Chickpea Curry Masala from our premium range of pure spices is an expertly blended mix of selected spices without GMO or additives to make your Chickpea curries even more flavorsome and hearty adding a unique warmth and an delectable aroma to your meals.
  • FLAVORFUL 9 SPICE BLEND: Chickpea curry is one of the most popular curries because of its unique flavor of a mix of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavor and goes best with basmati rice. We use Coriander, Red Chili, Cumin, Black Pepper, Fennel Powder, Dry Mango Powder, Turmeric, and Cinnamon in a balanced proportion for an extremely richer taste to dishes.
  • NATURAL & FRESH:We use 100% natural and gourmet spices that have been cultivated without any artificial chemicals or pesticides to make our Chickpea Curry seasoning. It is also GMO-free, vegan, gluten-free, and no artificial colors or preservatives have been added in the process of making the product.
  • AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES: The sprinkler and spoon mechanism makes the spice accessible the way you like. Now, enjoy the fresh smell of homemade spices with our range of blends and seasonings and enhance the taste of home-cooked meals. It is easy to use and store in your pantry and comes with a dual sifter mechanism adding convenience while using.
  • AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEED: We assure top-quality products and take extra care to make sure that the purity and authenticity of products are intact throughout the whole process of bringing our products directly to you from farm to table, using advanced technology and a high standard of hygiene and grade.
Pride of India’s brings ready to cook Chickpea curry Masala for immediate recipe to serve. Chickpea curry Masala are made by mixing of different gourmet ground Spices, collected from various part of Indian Himalayan’s and Southern valley.

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Natural Chickpea Curry Masala – Authentic Indian Taste – Spice Blend for Curry Dishes – Flavorful Mix – Easy to Use 1.7 oz. Dual Sifter Bottle

Enjoy the Authentic Taste of Chickpea Curry Masala with Pride of India

Enjoy the authentic Indian Chickpea masala right at your home with the Pride of India original chana curry spice mix. The spice adds a flavorful twist to a variety of dishes like hummus, baba ganoush, chickpea soups, stews, and other multi-cuisine recipes with a wonderful aroma and delectable taste. Simply sprinkle the spice to get perfectly tasting chickpea delicacies with chickpea curry masala. The wholesome balance of spices on your food, either way, will not fail to deliver the palate you are looking for.

Chickpea or chana masala is originally from the northern parts of India. Its high protein content and vegan composition, have made it the most sought-after ingredient for not only curries but also salads, stews, soups, and fillings in the global cuisine scenario.

The fresh curry masala blend is made with freshly grown whole spices. They are further processed in a hi-tech facility to ensure the taste and aroma remain intact. Get wholesome dishes with an authentic and warm spice blend of Chickpea curry masala by Pride of India.

Product Features:

Versatile and Flavorful:
Chickpea curries are one of the most sought after and flavorful curry dishes due to their perfect combination of flavors like spicy, tangy, and sweet. They are best combined with equally aromatic and flavorful basmati rice and pita bread. Enjoy their authentic taste with the perfectly balanced spice mix from Pride of India.
Natural and Fresh:
All our ingredient blends are farm fresh  that gives you the same delectable taste from your first use to the last. The highest quality ingredients of this spice make it an enjoyable addition to any meal or accompaniment. This mixture is free of gluten, GMO, and BPA. It is completely VEGAN and NON-BIOENGINEERED.
Dual Sifter Bottle:
Our masala bottle comes with an adjustable dual sifter cap adding convenience to its users. The cap has both an easy sprinkler and a simple spoon mechanism making the spice accessible the way you like. Now, enjoy the fresh smell of homemade spices with our range of blends and seasonings and enjoy ordinary food like never before.
Grown in India:
The authentic mix of our chickpea curry masala is made with single-origin spices that are sourced from sustainable farming practices and manufactured in India. We have partnered with small farms to bring you only the best when it comes to taste in every dish you cook.
Natural Chickpea curry masala blend from Pride of India is made with the choicest ingredients for a premium powder that offers a fine taste and flavor to your dishes every time. Our finest spice mix includes coriander, red chili, cumin, black pepper, fennel powder, dry mango powder, turmeric, and cinnamon in a balanced proportion to give your dish, color, and a delectable aroma of chickpea masala.
Indian Authentic Chickpea Curry

Chickpea curry is a tried and tested recipe. Enjoy the authentic taste of this dish from India, with Natural Chickpea curry masala.

· Prepare the chickpeas by pressure cooking them in an instant pot with salt and water.

· Follow the usual recipe of adding grated ginger with three tablespoons of oil and sauté it for a few seconds.

· Add the Chickpea curry masala by Pride of India and cook for a few minutes along with sliced onion, ginger, garlic paste, tomato puree and add the boiled chickpeas, mix well with the spices. Add two cups of water and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.

· Enjoy it hot with Basmati Rice from Pride of India or Indian bread.

Roasted Chickpea with Chickpea Spice Blend

Try the all-time favorite spicy, crispy, and savory snack, roasted chickpeas with a twist of Chickpea curry masala spice blend.

· Prepare the chickpeas by thoroughly cleaning them in water. Take off their skin and let them dry.

· Now, drizzle them with salt and olive oil. Dry roast them in a pan for 20 to 30 minutes.

· Let them cool and once it is done sprinkle Natural Chickpea curry masala using the dual sifter bottle. Eat them as a snack or toss them in salads or with croutons.

Vegan Tofu Scramble with Chickpea Curry Masala

Scrambled tofu is both healthy and a great vegan alternative to scrambled eggs. However, if you want to make it more delicious try it with our Natural Chickpea curry masala.

· Chop the tofu into pieces and crumble them using a fork.

· Heat oil in a frying pan and add the tofu along with Natural Chickpea Curry Masala.

· Cook well for 5 to 10 minutes and stir occasionally.

· If you can, then add vegan bacon or vegan sausages to notch it up a bit.