Gourmet Cinnamon (Indian) Bark Whole

  • NATURAL CINNAMON BARK: Pride of India cinnamon whole is derived from sustainably harvested evergreen tree bark that is further dried to curl up and bring you the freshest cinnamon whole in packaging. It is sorted by color and quality to bring you the best grade for a variety of uses.
  • CULINARY USES: Our cinnamon sticks bark is grade A and oozes a strong yet aromatic scent making it a great addition to baked goods and beverages. Freshly ground them for an intense flavor or simply use the whole bark in cocktails, teas, coffee, mulling drinks, muffins, and so many more. Steep the bark in hot water or add them in meats before roasting. Many popular Indian dishes also use cinnamon bark as the base of their curries.
  • OTHER USES: Our cinnamon whole’s welcoming scent acts as a great ingredient in an all-natural potpourri. Apart from that, cinnamon sticks make for great DIY ideas in crafts like scented candles and artsy centerpieces.
  • AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES: The sprinkler and spoon mechanism makes the spice accessible the way you like. Now, enjoy the fresh smell of homemade spices with our range of blends and seasonings and enhance the taste of home-cooked meals. It is easy to use and store in your pantry and comes with a dual sifter mechanism adding convenience while using.
  • AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEED: We assure top-quality products and take extra care to make sure that the purity and authenticity of products are intact throughout the whole process of bringing our products directly to you from farm to table, using advanced technology and a high standard of hygiene and grade.

Gourmet Cinnamon (Indian) Bark Whole is one of the oldest spice and consists of dried inner bark which has a warm sweet flavor. Pride of India Cinnamon Bark Whole is a natural product from India and is available in small dual sifting jars. This spice is an anti-oxidant and helps in regulating sugar levels in the body. It is used in soups, stews, rice, mulled wine, desserts and curries to elevate the taste. It can also be used as a drink stirrer for Hot Water, Chai Lattes, Coffees. It gives sweet and aromatic flavor when added to any type of dish or drink. Enjoy the richness of flavor and treat your taste buds. Our customers are the most important link in fulfilling our aim and therefore, we strive to provide an unparalleled service in order to satisfy all our consumers to the best of our abilities. We hope that every customer has a great experience with us and enjoys our exclusive products to the utmost.

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