Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glass by Pride of India – Tequila Holder – Premium Quality/Handcrafted – 100% Food Grade – Good for Parties & Gatherings – Easy to Use – Thermal Retention Capacity

Accentuate your mini bar or tableware with this stunning and 100% natural, premium quality himalayan salt shot glasses by Pride of India. These unique shot glasses made of salt are a great way to add a salty nuanced flavor to your tequila, shooters, and mixed liquors. Simply add a lime wedge and you are good to go at any party, gathering, or festive occasion. The best part of these natural tequila shot glasses is they are hand-carved and each has a unique shade of pink salt. For all tequila and drink lovers, this is a great collectible item. Gift them to your friends, family, colleagues, or boss and add some twist to those same boring parties and gatherings.


  • Handcrafted Salt Shot Glasses: The pink salt shot glasses by Pride of India are crafted from food-grade pink salt found at the foothills of the Himalayas containing 84 traces of minerals and natural elements like iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Each Himalayan salt shot glass is unique and elegantly veined in translucent shades of rose quartz. The shade of the glasses varies from pale cream to deep red depending on the natural formation of the salt crystals from which it is made.
  • Add Flavor to Tequila & Cocktails: Add a perfectly nuanced and salty note to tequilas and cocktails when you serve in this salt shot glasses. The amount of saltiness to the drinks depends on how long you let the drinks sit in these glasses. If kept for long hours, the shot glasses will dissolve completely. So, while you enjoy your drink in these glasses make sure you do not keep them for long.
  • Add Accent to You Minibar: These salt glasses make for a great collectible item that will simply accentuate your bar accessories. Not only tequila but you can also use them for a variety of liquors like salted caramel apple whiskey shots, mixed drink shooters, and salty fireball shooters. Not only for adding flavor to drinks, but you can also use them as serving holders for pepper, spices, or butter. The himalayan carved salt shot glasses are a great addition to your tableware.
  • Unique Thermal Retention Properties: Since these deco himalayan salt shot glasses are made with naturally occurring substances with no plastics or binder, they come with unique features. Chill them or warm them as you like and they are going to retain extreme temperatures for longer than a glass or steel jigger. Unlike any other liquor glasses, you can warm them as you like or store them in your freezer. Just take them out before the party and enjoy chilled drinks for longer.
  • Good For One Time Use: The salt rock shot glasses are made with natural ingredients so they are not soap or dishwasher safe. Once you pour liquor in them, the salt starts to dissolve in the mixture creating fissures and irregularities on the surface. This makes them good enough for one-time use. Just chill in the freezer and enjoy your drinks. Once you are done, dispose them off and get new ones.

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Pink Salt Glasses for Shooters & Cocktails

Enjoy the amazing benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt with shot glasses by Pride of India. Finely veined, translucent with ranging shades of rose quartz, our salt shot glasses are carved with the highest quality and food-grade pink salt from the foothills of the Himalayas with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Stylish and trendy, these shot glasses are ideal for your next get-together or party and also the perfect opportunity to gather some compliments. This salt shot glass ideally complements tequila and is a must-have in the collections of a tequila lover. Be it any cocktails, shooters, and tequila, the salty twinge adds a subtle flavor to ordinary table salt.

Now, you can party without the salty mess of manually adding the salt when you have these shot glasses at your disposal. The salt glasses are made with pure and rich mineral salt. The more your drink will sit in these glasses, the saltier it will get. Pink salt also has higher thermal retention than other elements so, freezing them, just before pouring your drink will ensure that your drinks stay chilled for longer. Pink salt glasses are ideal gifting item for parties, gatherings, and tequila lovers will especially love them.

At Pride of India, we promise health and vitality with our single-origin and sustainably sourced products so that you can live life to the fullest. Our Himalayan Pink Salt home décor and kitchenware collection is a step towards fulfilling the promise so that you get the unadulterated and therapeutic benefits of the Himalayan Pink Salt in your daily life.
Salted Caramel Made Easy
Not just for your tequila and drinks, the high heat retention of Himalayan Pink Salt glasses can be used to hold caramel sauce for a naturally salted caramel garnishing used in ice cream, cakes, and desserts
Use as Spice Holders
Due to its subtle saltiness, you can use the shot glasses as spice pots for seasoning and herbs. The guests can simply add them to their food directly from the shot glasses.
For Unsalted Butter & Cheese Spreads
Use the pink salt glasses to add subtle saltiness to unsalted butter and spreads. The salt particles get easily absorbed giving you an ideal twinge of saltiness without any mess.
Gift them to your friends, family, colleagues, and boss and add some twist to those same parties and gatherings.Just chill them in the freezer and enjoy them with your drinks. Once you are done dispose of them off and get a new one.