Himalayan Pink Salt Tea Light Holder by Pride of India – Salt Candle Holder – Room Décor Item – Great for Creating an Ambiance – Ideal for Home & Spa Uses – Natural Shape

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Inexpensively enhance your interiors with Himalayan Pink Salt Tea Light holder by Pride of India. This natural-shaped salt crystals candle holder comes with traces of 84 vital minerals and elements similar to the ones found in the human body. Each tea light holder is handcrafted preserving its natural shape that gives them a classic touch elevating the existing look and feel of your home décor. The pink salt candle holder is carved in the middle that perfectly fits the tea lights giving a soft glow. The tea lights are Feng Shui approved and using them with the holder will only enhance its effects on the surroundings. The soothing light given off by the holder makes your living space pleasant and is ideal when you want to create an ambiance or are looking for some lone peaceful time after a long day at work.


  • 100% Pure Himalayan Pink Salt: Pink salt is one of nature’s purest compounds profoundly available in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is popular for its rich mineral content and often included in a variety of lifestyle items like Himalayan pink salt tea light holder by Pride of India. While tea lights are an aesthetically pleasing item, enhance their functionality with a holder that has innumerable benefits.
  • Enhance Your Living Space: Give your modern or minimalist interiors a conscious touch of home décor with a salt candle holder. It will perfectly complement your coffee or bedside table. The beautiful salt accent holder is just the thing you need while doing yoga or meditation. The ambiance it creates is ideal for mindfulness activities or when you want to relax with some drinks or simply just want to lay back on the couch with your favorite book in hand.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Tea lights are known for their soft incandescent flicker. This is why they are mostly used in groups to create a decorative feel during occasions or festivities. They also work great to brighten up small spaces. The natural shape of the pink salt tea light holder gives a timeless vibe helping you achieve tranquility in your living space.
  • Natural Air Purifier: Pink salt has inherent purifying and calming properties and that is also available in the natural pink salt light holder. Once the surrounding salt crystals get heated due to the tea light, it attracts moisture from the air carrying dirt and pollutants trapping it within the holder. This process is especially beneficial when you want to clear the air of dust, cigarette smoke, or any other contaminants from the air.
  • Good For Gifting: This natural home décor makes for an ideal gifting item due to its unique shape and various benefits. Whether it is a housewarming party or any special occasion like anniversaries, birthdays, or any festivities in general, this natural salt candle holder instantly brings joy and elevates the mood effortlessly.

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Calm Your Senses with Pink Salt Tea Light Holders

Unwind and rejuvenate whenever you want with Himalayan Pink Salt Tea Light Holder. One of nature’s best-kept treasures and purest of elements, pink salt comes loaded with trace minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Mined from the foothills of the Himalayas and handcrafted to give a classic look, these tea light holders instantly change the look and feel of your living space. Tea lights are popular for their soft glow and perks up any small living space with their luminescence. They also hold great significance in Feng Shui beliefs.

Now you can accentuate the incandescence of the tea lights with the Himalayan Pink Salt Tea Light Holders by Pride of India. The salt crystals will add warmth and healthy ions with a feel-good ambiance to any living space. You can use two or more salt tea lights holders to create a pattern or brighten the glow for a certain area. It is an inexpensive way to add décor and lighting into any room.

At Pride of India, we promise health and vitality with our single-origin and sustainably sourced products so that you can live life to the fullest. Our Himalayan Pink Salt home decor and dinnerware collection is a step towards fulfilling the promise so that you get the unadulterated and therapeutic benefits of the Himalayan Pink Salt in your daily life.
Brighten Up the Festivities
When festivities are just round the corner, you get the perfect opportunity to enhance your home decor with the salt tea light holders. Make them a part of your Halloween decorations or use them in clusters around the Christmas tree, these holders will brighten up any space without much effort.
Creates Ambiance for Relaxation & Meditation
Pink salt is an ideal stimulant for deep breathing exercises and meditation practices. The age-old salt crystals are known to naturally calm the senses and de-clutter the mind so that you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. They are ideal after a long day at work or when you are looking to soothe your sense right at home.
Ideal Gifting Item
The health benefits and aesthetic properties of salt tea light holders make them a popular gifting item for any occasion. So, if it’s a housewarming party, valentine’s day, or an anniversary, Himalayan salt tea light holders are a great choice to impress the host and gather compliments.

Good for Restaurant & Home Use

Whether you are planning a date night at home or want to enhance the decor of your restaurant, these salt candle holders make for a perfect addition. It accentuates the ambiance spreading positive vibes all around for every evening to go as perfect as you have planned.


The fissures and irregularities add to the charm of the piece and will not affect its performance.