Pride of India Crystal Salt Night Lamp - Made w/ Naturally Occurring Himalayan Pink Salt– Home Decor – Handcrafted – Elevates Mood/ Brightens Space – Better Air Quality


An ideal combination of functionality and art, the natural pink himalayan salt night light by Pride of India accentuates any kind of home décor. The lamp is carved out of pure salt crystals found at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain range. The structure is rather different with a hollowed center for the bulb to fit and emits a reddish-orange glow that is not too harsh or not too dim, making it a seamless décor idea. If you are looking to create a calm and peaceful ambiance or bring positive energy into your living space, this salt home decoration idea is a flawless addition. It might help in improving mood and trap air pollutants to give you clean, fresh air. This is a must-have item if you are looking to add an inimitable touch to your home décor.

  • Pure Himalayan Rock Salt: Premium quality pink salt crystals sourced from the Himalayan foothills with 84+ trace minerals are now available in pink salt night lamps by Pride of India. Each piece of the salt lamp night light is handcrafted with a plug in mechanism and a stunning cylinder shape. It is hollowed at the center to fit the bulb and spread the luminescence that brightens any corner of your house.
  • Purifies Air: Primarily a decorative piece of art, the pink salt lamp night light is also a natural air purifier. As you plug in, the night light is heated warming up the salt particles. The heated particles attract the surrounding water molecules carrying pollutants and trap them thereby, cleaning the air. This salt home décor serves the purpose of both functionality and beauty.
  • Enhances the Environment: If you are tired of the usual lighting of your home and looking for something exclusive, this Himalayan salt lamp night light makes for great inclusion. The hollowed structure fits in the bulb that brings out a soothing soft light once switched on. It is a perfect piece of decoration especially when you are trying to create an ambiance. Put on some smooth jazz and you will have a fine escapade right at your home.
  • Fits Anywhere: This symmetrical-shaped pink natural salt night lamp can be placed at any corner of your house to instantly beautify the place. The design is lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere for instant lighting. It fits a variety of home décor so if you are ready to stand out and grab some attention, this lamp is one of the finest ideas to do so.
  • Good For Gifting: This natural home décor makes for an ideal gifting item due to its unique shape and various benefits. Whether it is a housewarming party or any special occasion like anniversaries, birthdays, or any festivities, this night lamp instantly brings joy and elevates the mood effortlessly.

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Crystal Salt Night Lamp made w/ Naturally Occurring Himalayan Pink Salt

The use of naturally occurring Himalayan Pink Salt for home décor is gaining immense popularity owing to its rich mineral content. One of the purest forms of salt found in nature, the pink salt is usually hand-mined and consists of 84 traces of essential elements and minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Due to this property of pink salt, it is considered immensely beneficial for re-mineralizing the human body.

Now, get the immense health benefits of pink salt in your home décor with Himalayan Pink Salt Night Light Lamp. The handcrafted night lamp is given a stunning cylinder shape. It makes your living space aesthetically pleasing and spreads positive vibes throughout. The soft amber luminescence creates a great ambiance for any gathering or when you want to enjoy some me-time at home. The simple plug-in mechanism and portable size make it your ideal go-to therapeutic night lamp so that you can reap the benefits of pink salt anytime and anywhere. Pink salt night light is a chemical-free lighting idea that is sure to turn some heads while accentuating your living area.

At Pride of India, we promise health and vitality with our single-origin and sustainably sourced products so that you can live life to the fullest. Our Himalayan Pink Salt home décor and dinnerware collection is a step towards fulfilling the promise so that you get the unadulterated and therapeutic benefits of the Himalayan Pink Salt in your daily life.
Initiates Halotherapeutic Benefits
Addition of salt night lamps in any area of your house or office emits negative ions into the air that effectively removes dirt, impurities, and smoke from the air thereby, purifying it. Breathe in a pure and clean atmosphere with our salt night lights.
Reduced Effects of Electromagnetic Waves
Long exposure to the rays emitted by electronic devices is harmful to us resulting in fatigue and tiredness. Salt lamps have ionizing and hygroscopic properties that nullify the positive ions for a more calming and pleasant environment.
Better Sleep
The soothing glow of the night lights is great for spreading a sense of calm and positivity when you are looking to de-stress yourself after a long day at work. The addition of this lamp will elevate your mood that will give you better sleep.
Sets the Mood
Create your perfect ambiance right at home with the salt night lamps. Their soothing amber glow is brightens the space perfectly and sets the mood whenever you like it. Enjoy some light music with drinks and you are good to go.
Use in bedroom
Use in study and office
Use in the dining area
Ideal gifting item