Tespresso Black Tea Powder

  • Revolutionizing the Idea of Tea: Téspresso is crafted with two concepts in mind – “tea” and “espresso”. While your usual cup of morning tea or coffee was doing just fine, we thought of kicking it up a few notches by bringing you Téspresso. It is like your everyday morning wake-up call with the much-needed extra dose of caffeine with no calories that energizes your mind and body. Get through the hustle of the day like there’s no stopping you. It is the wake tea you always needed.
  • Flavor That Revitalizes: Explore the rich taste of freshly ground Téspresso by ChaiMati, made with the finely chosen black tea from north-eastern Indian tea estate of Assam, known for its intense and malty flavor with a dark black color. A shot of classic Téspresso gives you a distinct flavor that lingers on giving you the much-needed zeal for the day.
  • Experience The Burst of Energy: Whether you are a professional, a student, or a busy mom, facing the morning blues never gets old. Facing everyday hurdles like morning meetings, or hovering over a project which has a deadline requires an energy that does not let you give up or give in. High in caffeine and flavorful – our Téspresso is your perfect idea for the beverage that prepares you for the day ahead.
  • Complements Breakfast Sandwiches & Muffins: Enjoy the intense and aromatic taste of our Téspresso not only in its classic form but also with a milk frother, your favorite cream on top cappuccino or tea latte. Pair it with your favorite muffin or a mayo sandwich and you are good to go. The freshly ground Téspresso is ideal for Moka pots or any tea espresso machine so that you never run out of your own freshly brewed cups of hot or cold Téspresso every morning for a perfect start to the day.
  • Easy & Ambient Storage: Classic Téspresso is a GMO-FREE and sugar free beverage that comes in sealed food-grade kraft pouches. It fits in your pantry and takes up very little space. Ideal for homes, offices, restaurants, and Chai bars or for whenever you are in the mood to boost your energy and get through the day.

A wake-up call or simply a boost of energy – call it whatever you want, our all-new Téspresso is not your usual cup of tea or coffee but the best of both worlds… It’s fragrant, aromatic and of course, high in caffeine with no calories– it is a tea lover’s haven and coffee lover’s paradise. Easy to make, just take the required amount in a Moka pot and boil it for a few minutes. Your fresh brew is ready and so will be you after every shot you take. Start every morning with renewed energy from Téspresso wake tea. Made with freshly ground single-origin black tea from India, enjoy your wake-up call consistently in every cup you make without compromising on the quality. Its bold flavor and instant energizing character make it an ideal drink for tea parties or evening soirees. The rich taste in every cup of Téspresso will fulfill your focus every morning and prepare you for the day with a lot more energy and the zeal to grab on opportunities and never let them go.

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